Autumn Matsuri 2016 – Part 2
29 May 2016

Autumn Matsuri 2016 – Part 1

Proximity Motorsport – Whitsunday Drift held their first Matsuri styled event on this second-last-weekend of May, and I was fortunate enough to be invited by Leon and Alyssa to capture the event on camera. This was the second ever drift event (and the first Matsuri) held at Whitsunday Raceways since the closure of the local drift club, and the guys from Proximity Motorsport managed to pull it off without a hitch.


Arriving to the track on the first day, it was clear that a big night had been had by those camping for the whole weekend. It was track day, most of the drivers hadn’t driven an event in Proserpine since late last year and yet, all was quiet. That didn’t last long though, with my noisy Patrol ute driving past the campgrounds stirring the weary soles from their slumber (sorry, not sorry).



Just touring through the pits and checking out who had set up, I could tell that we would be in for one hell of a weekend. All manner of folk had come from throughout Queensland to spend some quality time nursing headaches, having a vom, cursing themselves for fitting straight pipe/screamer combos, burning some rubber and just having a mad time! Right Adz?


1. Beer | 2. Drift | 3. Disco

Words to live by.

Due to the large number of Federal tyres sold for the event, Proximity were able to get Federal on board, bringing a literal truck load of tyres to the track, making sure there was plenty of rubber available for everyone to enjoy their favourite activities! … Seriously though, Federal had it sorted. They not only brought tyres to suit drifting, but had a display with all of their best, and best-selling tyres on the market, as well as knowledgeable staff to point you in the right direction for whatever your automotive obsession requires.


On track action was on point, with driving form some of the best I have ever seen.



From what I saw there were a few people representing various drift clubs from their regions. Drift Pirates, No Ragrets Gentlemans Club, SlidewayzDC and TERRORSQUAD all had good showings and generally were up for some team tandems at every opportunity.


It wasn’t just the teams getting amongst it though, with some of the best vibes coming from any event I’ve ever attended, all of the drivers were getting along well, and everyone was keen to try some door to door drifting with people they’d never met before.


Spectators had prime seating arrangements, as the Whitsunday Moto Sports Club (WMSC) have been hard at work upgrading all of the facilities at the track, and the effort gone in definitely shows. A viewing hill, grandstands, more seating and even steel roofing over the track entry and exit make the day at the track even more comfortable.




On-track action didn’t stop all day and well into the night, with the infamous Lyndon Russell finally being kicked off track at 11pm, after thrashing on his ‘DORI 31’ for the best part of 14 hours, wrecking Supra’s and Cresta’s like it was Ebisu… But thats a story for next time.

Keep your eyes peeled for night time drifting, battle damage, competition coverage and reverse track coming soon! Thanks for reading!

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